ZWorld 2019: Successful CAx Gathering and Sharing

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ZWorld 2019: Successful CAx Gathering and Sharing

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ZWorld 2019: Successful CAx Gathering and Sharing

Events 2019-03-28 20:48:00

Today, ZWorld 2019 (former GPC), an open platform for engineering sharing was held in Guangzhou, China, which was a great success attracting over 120 partners from about 30 countries, 120 customers from 4 countries, developers, experts and media friends.

ZWorld 2019_1.jpg

Figure 1

ZWorld 2019_2.jpg

Figure 2

With the theme “Moving to all-in-one CAx” this year, different product values in the ZWSOFT ecosystem have been shared. Let’s have quick review!

l  Why all-in-one CAx?

Truman, CEO of ZWSOFT elaborated on why CAx will be ZWSOFT’s blue print for the next 20 years – we want to give customers more values, and bring partners more opportunities. He also made clear that ZWCAD, ZW3D and the upcoming CAE solutions will support and interconnect with each other, to realize all-in-one CAx.

ZWorld 2019_4.jpg

ZWorld 2019_3.jpg

Figure 3-4. ZWSOFT CEO Truman unrolled the blueprint of ZWSOFT

l  How’s ZWSOFT doing in all-in-one CAx?

Kingdom, VP of ZWSOFT updated the overall performance of ZWSOFT last year, showing that each product line has realized strong growth last year, hitting a record high.

ZWorld 2019_5.jpg

ZWorld 2019_6.jpg

Figure 5. VP of ZWSOFT Kingdom made an opening speech

Also, the leaders of these product lines showed the latest progress, product values and future R&D plans respectively.

ü  ZWCAD: Join CAx with powerful platform

ZWCAD Product Manager Daniel rolled out the beta version of ZWCAD 2020 and unveiled important enhancements, such as the IFC/STL/DAE format support, new PDF Underlay Manger, ATIL library, the even faster performance, etc. The official version will say hi to you in June.

ZWorld 2019_7.jpg

Figure 6. ZWCAD Product Manager Daniel announced the new release ZWCAD 2020

What’s more, Charles, ZWCAD R&D Leader, gave us a clear picture of ZWCAD’s R&D plan, emphasizing on improving its performance, joining all-in-one CAx with a powerful platform and making it “smart” with AI or machine learning.

ZWorld 2019_8.jpg

Figure 7. ZWCAD R&D Leader Charles showed the R&D plan for ZWCAD

ü  ZW3D: Reliable all-in-one CAD/CAM

Technical Director of ZWSOFT William introduced the powerful features in ZW3D 2019, like User Define Feature, Shape Attribute, improved Assembly, etc. He also introduced the 3D CAD viewer CADbro and its strengths such as 3D Annotation, Advanced Analysis and Cloud Viewing.

ZWorld 2019_9.jpg

Figure 8. Technical Director of ZWSOFT William introduced ZW3D and CADbro

Then ZW3D R&D Leader Joh presented the 5-year plan for ZW3D, answering how to realize faster and more responsive modeling, how to enhance large assembly capabilities, and how to realize stronger application functions to serve more industries.

ZWorld 2019_10.jpg

Figure 9. ZW3D R&D Leader Joh presented the R&D plan for ZW3D

ü  An important integration

Daniel again announced the brand-new version CAD Pockets V4, which has realized the integration of CAD Pockets, the mobile CAD viewer/editor, and CAD Chat, the web solution for teamwork. It satisfies the needs of both individual use and team collaboration, mobile and web devices. You may take the first bite of it in May this year.

ZWorld 2019_11.jpg

Figure 10. ZWCAD Product Manager Daniel launched the CAD Pockets V4

l  Democratizing all-in-one CAx

Can CAE be affordable, functional and integrated? Mark Vorwaller, ZWSOFT America President answered with “yes”. Why? ZWCAD and ZW3D have managed to do it. We have the accumulation. It is in the DNA of ZWSOFT.

ZWorld 2019_12.jpg

Figure 11. Mark Vorwaller, ZWSOFT America President, shared his views of democratizing all-in-one CAx

The most exciting part of the conference is that ZWSim-EM, ZWSOFT’s first simulation product for electromagnetism, made its very debut by Dr. Xiao Tian, ZWSOFT Chief Scientist leading the CAE product line. It is going to benefit many fields like cell phone, microwave components & circuits and metamaterial with shallow learning curve, high speed and accuracy.

ZWorld 2019_13.jpg

Figure 12. Dr. Xiao Tian, ZWSOFT Chief Scientist, unveiled ZWSOFT’s new CAE product ZWSim-EM

For the future CAx strategy, structural, thermal, fluid dynamic and multi-physics analysis are on the way, providing users with more values.

l  All-in-one CAx for all-win eco-system

There were also other amazing sharings from our technical partners such as CADENAS, whose Strategic Part Management has speeds up design in ZW3D; our valuable clients Avintia and TE Connectivity, who introduced how ZWCAD satisfied their requirements; and industry experts such as CEO of e-works Dr. Pei Huang, whose insights into the digital transformation trend of product innovation were inspiring.

ZWorld 2019_14.jpg

Figure 13. The sharings from ZWSOFT’s technical partners and valuable clients

ZWorld 2019_15.jpg

Figure 14. The sharing from Dr. Pei Huang, CEO of e-works

Moreover, the booths and presentations of our eco-partners such as Moldex 3D, CADAMSOFT, CADENAS, SZANSA, TECNIROLO, etc. have shown their excellent solutions and received warm welcome.

ZWorld 2019_16.jpg

Figure 15. The booths of ZWSOFT’s eco-partners

From GPC to ZWorld, it has been 10 years, and we are so thankful to our partners and customers for your support all the way. In the future of moving to all-in-one CAx, we would like to provide more product values to our customers, and win with our partners together. See you next time!

ZWorld 2019_17.jpg



ZWSOFT CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) is a reliable and innovative engineering software provider with its flagship products ZWCAD and ZW3D. Committed to providing complete and seamless user experience to worldwide users with its all-in-one CAx solutions, ZWSOFT has continuously satisfied diverse needs of various industries such as AEC and MFG. With over 20 years' experience in the industry, its products and service have been proven by over 900,000 clients across 90 countries.


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