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From GPC to ZWorld: Thinking Behind the Name

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From GPC to ZWorld: Thinking Behind the Name

Events 2019-01-29 10:17:00

1st GPC 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago, our young fellows in their twenties traveled to other countries with their backpacks to visit our partners. At that time, it was not easy for our partners to have a very clear picture of what we were like, and how we dedicated to CAD software.
ZWorld 2019_1Figure 1. Our young colleagues traveled to visit our partners in early years.
Thus, in 2009, we held the first Global Partner Conference (GPC). At that time, we just wanted to let our global partners get closer to see what exactly ZWSOFT was like, to know what kind of people were working with them, and to communicate face to face about key topics more efficiently. I still remember when I was picking up a partner from Latin America at the airport who came for GPC, he told me that he had brought all the clothes and shoes fitting four seasons, because it was the first time for him to be in Asia, and he was worried about the uncertainty in “another world”. Then, his luggage was delayed by the airline’s mistake.
ZWorld 2019_2Figure 2. The 1st GPC held in 2009.

Serve Worldwide Users and Partners

Until recent years, many of our colleagues have been traveling around the world to visit different users and partners all the year round, and some of them even spend 200+ hours on plane every year. What’s more, we have also held regional forums and partner conference regularly in Europe, Asia and Latin America. I can clearly feel that the interaction between ZWSOFT and the global market is becoming more frequent than ever, and the bond tighter than ever.
ZWorld 2019_3Figure 3. 2018 ZWSOFT Regional Forums / Partner Conference held in Da Nang (Vietnam), Nantes (France), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Warsaw (Poland).

New Era: Move to All-in-one CAx

For some years, I have taken part in COFES (The Congress On the Future of Engineering Software), and always feel fascinated about the excellent industry chain in the United States, with a variety of professional companies fitting in different points of the chain. They promote, support and learn from each other, forming a competitive and powerful environment for all.
ZWorld 2019_4Figure 4. I was at COFES 2016.
ZWSOFT has been providing CAD software for 20+ years, and we also want to be a part of the global CAx chain, to contribute our strength by offering our solutions and service to more users and partners. We are now making efforts in all-in-one CAx solutions, and planning more product lines for complete user experience. It is time to upgrade our GPC to ZWorld, making it a platform to share ideas and solutions with more types of attendees.
ZWorld 2019_5
Many of our existing partners, the regulars of this conference, have been working with us for 10+ years. So “ZW” may mean something to them – an important part of their daily work, the comrade fighting together, and the friend supporting each other.
We are now more open to welcome the newbies who want to learn more about us – for those who don’t have the opportunity to join before, such as application developers, solution integrators, users, experts, educators, etc., they can register online this year for the upcoming ZWorld, to know more about ZWSOFT, the values of our products, and various solutions based on this ecosystem. From a “workshop” discussing critical issues face to face, to a “platform” sharing more CAx solutions and product values, it is a great change, without question. However, its original intention remains unchanged – through this platform, we can share and communicate freely for better products and business; we can get inspired or new opportunities; we can together figure out how to help worldwide users create amazing things, forming a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for users, for better engineering software, and for better industry. I am very looking forward to meeting our friends again in March.

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