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ZW3D Attended Warsaw Industry Week in Poland

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ZW3D Attended Warsaw Industry Week in Poland

Events 2018-10-30 09:56:00

From Nov 6-8, ZW3D ’s reseller 3D Master attended Warsaw Industry Week, the Largest Industrial Fair in Poland.


ZW3D provides professional and reliable CAD/CAM solutions at an affordable price, therefore we are committed to bringing great convenience to our customers and creating maximum value for them. In 2019, VoluMill for ZW3D, a high-performance roughing strategy will be available for users. By this new feature, ZW3D’s customers can greatly reduce tool costs and extend tool lives.


In this fair, ZW3D demonstrated the steady functions and new features of ZW3D 2019, which has appealed a lot of attractions from customers and the public. In addition, ZW3D provided detailed communication with our customers. The conversations not only helped ZW3D to get customer feedback and industry insights from our customers and other professionals but also enabled our customers to get after-sale support. By joining this kind of fair, ZW3D insists to deliver the best software service and technical support for our customers. 


About Warsaw Industry Week

Warsaw Industry Week is an International Trade Fair of Innovative Industrial Solutions organized since 2016 at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The event includes presentations of offers by manufacturers and distributors in the industries of metal processing machinery, wood processing machinery, cutting machinery, CNC machinery, plastic forming machinery, laser- and water-cutting machinery, lathes, processing tools, CAD/CAM systems etc.


Warsaw Industry Week


Nov 6-7 10:00 – 16:00   Nov 8 10:00 – 15:00


al. Katowicka 62BD, 05-830 Nadarzyn, Poland


For more information, please contact our local reseller:

3D Master

Address: ul. Jakobinów 23 02-240 Warszawa

Phone: 48 22 846 21 50



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