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ZWCAD 2009 Efficient CAD Software

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ZWCAD 2009 Efficient CAD Software

Products 2009-01-05 17:40:00

Guangzhou, China: January 5, 2009 –ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. (ZWSOFT) today announced the official release of ZWCAD 2009. With native DWG format compatibility, ZWCAD 2009 simplifies drawing solutions through dramatic improvements in its working efficiency.

ZWCAD 2009 increases the working efficiency of designers through a number of factors. To assure greater stability, many functions have been rewritten. For example, the new automated backup function protects users from unexpected crashes by the operating system. To ensure stability, engineers carried out strict debugging using an automated test system, through which ZWCAD 2009 was tested with more than 20,000 drawings repeatedly.

Figure 1. ZWCAD 2009

Continued improvement in speed contributes to the higher efficiency of ZWCAD users. Overall performance has been improved in a large number of crucial functions, such as RefEdit, Insert, PasteClip, Explode, Regen, Stretch, Trim, and Extend.

Thanks to the improved Undo\Redo and the addition of new functions like the Aerial View window, eTransmit command, jogged and arc length dimensions, filters, multiple grips editing, designers can complete their projects with ZWCAD 2009 more easily and efficiently.

In addition, ZWCAD 2009 provides a powerful platform for professional application developers.

"ZWCAD 2009 was produced with the impressive effort of our 150 software engineers and with many valuable suggestions of our partners and ZWCAD users," said Truman Du, CEO of ZWSOFT. "This milestone version as a whole enables designers to create drawings quickly and easily with considerable cost savings."

ZWCAD 2009 English is available through free downloads starting today, according to Truman Du. In the following months, six multilingual versions (Czech, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish) will also be implemented actively to meet the requirements of local users.

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