Polish Engineering Company Adopts ZWCAD for Tooling Design

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Polish Engineering Company Adopts ZWCAD for Tooling Design

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Polish Engineering Company Adopts ZWCAD for Tooling Design

Products 2009-10-12 18:28:00

Invenio Poland (www.invenio.pl) is an automotive engineering company located in Poland. Recently interviewed on the company's use of computer-aided software, managing director Jerzy Mydlarz praised ZWCAD as “a good CAD tool with a competitive price.”
As a part of Invenio International Group, Invenio Poland provides a full range of product design services, manufacturing, and engineering services. The firm is involved principally in the automotive industry, specifically in the components sector.
Invenio adopted ZWCAD mainly for tooling design. Mr. Mydlarz gave high marks to ZWCAD, and confirmed that the software meets the needs and requirements of his firm. “The similarity to AutoCAD is the biggest advantage,” said Mr. Mydlarz.

Figure 1. This model describes the prototype of a vehicle designed in ZWCAD.

“ZWCAD meets our requirements. Without it, I don't think we could get more business or complete more work faster. The reasonable price of ZWCAD software is a significant contribution to our profitability.”
He underlined another very important feature: having the license of ZWCAD on a USB dongle. This lets the staff of Invenio use the software everywhere – at work, at home, on business trips, and so on.
He is also very pleased with the support provided by ZWSOFT and its authorized distributor in Poland, Uslugi Informatyczne. “Specifically, I am satisfied with the cooperation of the local ZWCAD distributor”.

Figure 2

This test vehicle was designed by ZWCAD. Its purpose is to perform tests for the doctoral dissertation of one of Invenio's workers.

About Invenio
Invenio was founded in 1986 in Russelsheim, Germany to perform product design, manufacturing engineering, and quality services for the automotive industry. The Polish division was established in 2002, with headquarters in Bielsko-Biała.
Invenio services are linked: product design, quality, supplier quality development, human resources, and process development. Some 95% of their work is performed for the automotive business, especially for producers of vehicle components. www.invenio.net  

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