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Over 90% Users Praise ZWCAD 2009i in Latest Online Survey

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Over 90% Users Praise ZWCAD 2009i in Latest Online Survey

Products 2009-09-16 18:23:00

Guangzhou, China: September 16, 2009– ZWSOFT is now featuring ZWCAD 2009i Online Survey by reporting the results.

In this online survey, users provided insight to the level of use of ZWCAD 2009i. Over 90% of the respondents indicated that ZWCAD 2009i met their requirements in performance speed, stability, APIs and functions. Only 2% indicated that improvements should still be done to ZWCAD’s performance speed, while 3% stability.

This survey also indicates that ZWSOFT needs to make improvements on ZWCAD functions to meet the needs of more and more users. The following charts respectively show the functions which need to be improved, and the ones which are highlighted most in ZWCAD 2009i.

Encouraging people to submit their comments about ZWCAD 2009i, this survey was aimed at identifying the level of utilization of this latest version, improve the functionality of ZWCAD and meet the requirements of international ZWCAD users.

“I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. ZWSOFT is really kind for providing us such a great opportunity to express our opinions on this program,” said Yetkin Degirmenci, one of the lucky winners in this survey, “ the program is excellent, but it still needs further enhancement in its 3D function and APIs support”.

So far, the lucky draw activity has been finished, but we would be glad if users continue to tell us their comments about ZWCAD 2009i. Thank you and welcome to ZWCAD 2009i Online Survey!

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