ZWSOFT Announces Success of First Global Partner Conference

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ZWSOFT Announces Success of First Global Partner Conference

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ZWSOFT Announces Success of First Global Partner Conference

Products 2009-08-31 18:22:00

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 31-- ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd. ("ZWSOFT"), a leading supplier of CAD platforms, has announced the successful conclusion of its inaugural Global Partner Conference held on August 25-28, 2009, in Guangzhou, China. The event was attended by roughly 100 people from 31 countries and regions, making it ZWSOFT's largest and most successful forum to date for international ZWCAD partners to present and discuss the most important sales, marketing and technical issues of ZWCAD.
The event comprised two tracks: Official Meeting and Free Talk Sessions. Each track aimed to keep ZWCAD partners informed about the latest trends in sales, marketing and technical management solutions. Senior ZWSOFT executives and experienced ZWCAD distributors provided keen insight into the future and development of ZWCAD.

Figure 1. ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference 2009

The biggest highlight of the conference was the Awards Ceremony for ZWCAD's Excellent Distributors of 2008-2009 on August 25. The ZWCAD Excellent Distributor Awards Program was started in 2008 to reward ZWCAD partners who have provided exemplary service and solutions to their customers during the past year.
One of the Top 10 ZWCAD Excellent Distributors honored during the conference, Jose Augusto Da Silva, director of authorized ZWCAD distributor in Brazil, effused that the event was a platform for him to communicate with and learn from other distributors.
He also wished that his cooperation with ZWSOFT would be even better in years to come. "We hope we will continue our delightful cooperation, and we wish to develop and prosper together with ZWSOFT in the future," he said.

Figure 2. ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference 2009

The conference also focused on in-depth information about ZWSOFT's R&D (research and development) roadmap, the latest product updates, and new ways of promoting the forthcoming ZWCAD 2010. During the session for the ZWCAD 2010 Promotion Plan, ZWSOFT expressed its willingness to cooperate with its international partners in marketing activities.
Another key element of the conference is customer feedback. As is known to all, customer feedback plays an important role in improving technology and customer service. Therefore, in order to provide better service and support for users, ZWSOFT is implementing a wish list project by using ZWCAD wishes and questions collected from its partners before and during the conference. During the four-day conference, all the decision-making ZWCAD partners, together with ZWSOFT executives, spoke candidly about the issue of how to provide better service & support for ZWCAD users.  

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