ZWCAD 2010 Recognized by SwPower Magazine of Slovenia

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ZWCAD 2010 Recognized by SwPower Magazine of Slovenia

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ZWCAD 2010 Recognized by SwPower Magazine of Slovenia

Products 2010-03-25 18:40:00

ZWCAD (TM) 2010,the latest CAD software solution developed by ZWSOFT, was awarded the DOBER NAKUP prize by SwPower Magazine, the leading computer publication of Slovenia. The magazine’s editors recently published a two-page long review of the ZWCAD 2010 in their “Software Power” magazine.

 Figure 1. ZWCAD 2010 in  “Software Power” magazine

SwPower Magazine (see here)is the best-selling computer magazine in Slovenia. Its editors award the DBER NAKUP ("good value") prize to the software program that scores the highest in the cost-effectiveness rating. The current version, ZWCAD 2010, is greatly improved over previous releases, yet its price remains the same, something that is particularly welcomed by ZWCAD’s end users.

Released on January 12, ZWCAD 2010 assures users of unrivaled DWG support, a wide variety of creative functions, and significant cost savings. Now available in 15 languages and highly compatible with Windows 7, ZWCAD 2010 is greatly improved in three areas: memory optimization, improved features (such as In-Place MTEXT editor and Spline editing), and enhanced application programming interfaces with the newly-developed ZRX API.

To know more about ZWCAD, you can view the video through

To celebrate the release of ZWCAD 2010, ZWSOFT is now holding its second annual design contest to showcase and reward the talents of CAD users throughout the world. For more information, please visit


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