2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum – ZWSOFT Ecosystem for All-win

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2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum – ZWSOFT Ecosystem for All-win

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2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum – ZWSOFT Ecosystem for All-win

Products 2018-06-29 17:16:00

GUANGZHOU, China: June 29, 2018 – Lasting from June 28-29, 2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum was held successfully in Nantes, France. The event brought 35 partners and 19 application developers from Europe, together with ZWCAD team to have overall discussions about how to win together in the future.


Video Courtesy of JULIEN LEGER, ZW France


Where will ZWSOFT go?

Kingdom Lin, VP of ZWSOFT firstly shared ZWSOFT’s blueprint. He mainly elaborated on its long-term strategy -- all-in-one CAX solutions and its new positioning – RELIABLE, which were also stressed by CEO Truman in the ZWCAD Asia Forum held three weeks ago. In addition, he also explained the development strategies of ZWCAD and its promising future, ZWSOFT’s plan on CAE, perpetual license and subscription which are up to customers’ choice, etc.


ZWCAD Europe Forum

Figure 1. Kingdom, VP of ZWSOFT, was sharing ZWSOFT’s blueprint


ZWCAD: Growing step by step, steady but not slow

After Kingdom’s speech, Daniel Huang, the Product Manager of ZWCAD, led us to have a sneak peak at ZWCAD 2019, which realizes important new features such as PDF Underlay, Annotative Object, Smart Plot, etc., and other significant improvements such as Layer Properties Manager as palette. At the same time, he emphasized the importance of quality and user experience, and insisted that ZWCAD will keep investing in R&D and continue to provide reliable service by responding quickly and providing onsite development support.


ZWCAD Europe Forum

Figure 2. Daniel, Product Manager of ZWCAD, was demonstrating the new features of ZWCAD 2019


Then Charles Zhao, ZWCAD R&D Leader, revealed the work fruits of the behind-the-scenes, who are “mysterious” but with great contributions and achievements. He introduced the strong “weapon” that ZWCAD R&D Center adopted to greatly increase the quality of ZWCAD 2019 even though it has a lot of new features, giving our partners strong confidence in the ZWCAD R&D team and this new release.


ZWCAD Europe Forum

Figure 3. Charles, ZWCAD R&D Leader, was presenting the achievements of ZWCAD R&D


ZWCAD Europe Forum

Figure 4. Attendees were listening very carefully and raised questions actively


The core competitiveness for a platform is to support more applications

At the French Application Meeting, Daniel shared the strategy for ZWCAD’s global APP ecosystem, and the advantages of ZWCAD as a platform, including the opportunity to promote their application products through the ZWCAD global network of a great number of authorized ZWCAD distributors and users, professional and responsive technical support from ZWCAD’s APP team, and marketing resources such as ZWCAD Development Network (ZDN) with 191 registered applications up to now. After that, application suppliers from a variety of industries demonstrated their products.


ZWCAD Europe Forum6

Figure 5. European APP suppliers were demonstrating their products


Win with our partners

In order to commend our partners for their excellent work in the past year, ZWCAD awarded its Polish partner Usługi Informatyczne SZANSA Spółka z o.o, Spanish partner MP Scia Ingenieria S.L., Italian partner Wetech System and Edilclima S.r.l., French partner ZW France, Portuguese partner Ibercad, lda, Turkish partner Eti Bilgisayar Ltd. and Slovenian partner BiroCom2000 with the 2017 ZWCAD Excellent Partners. Thanks and congratulations!


ZWCAD Europe Forum

Figure 6. Winners of 2017 ZWCAD Excellent Partners


Hot discussions were also held between ZWCAD team and partners to talk about topics of common concern, such as how to provide customers with better service, how to build an advanced global network for more effective business operation, etc. As Truman said, “we always pursue a long-term partnership by enhancing the communication efficiency and understanding each other better. ZWSOFT keeps improving the quality of products, and our partners keep providing good service.”


ZWCAD Europe Forum

Figure 7. Hot discussions between ZWCAD and its partners


2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum again proved ZWCAD’s endeavors and achievements of establishing an all-win and sustainable ecosystem, to unite with our partners and developers to offer better and better products and service to our customers.


ZWCAD Europe Forum

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