ZWCAD 2019 Beta is Now Open for Testing

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ZWCAD 2019 Beta is Now Open for Testing

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ZWCAD 2019 Beta is Now Open for Testing

Products 2018-07-20 09:00:00

GUANGZHOU, China: July 20, 2018 – Realizing numerous much-anticipated new features, ZWCAD 2019 Beta Version is now ready for all CAD users to have a test.

Now let’s have a quick sneak peek at what’s new in ZWCAD 2019.


PDF and DWFx Underlay

PDF and DWFx, an advanced format of DWF to protect your drawings, can both be attached and displayed as underlay now. What’s more, in the PDF Underlay, you can snap objects, manage the layers which have been automatically generated, clip the underlay, display or hide the frames, and adjust the display effect.

ZWCAD 2019_PDF and DWFx Underlay.jpg

Figure 1. ZWCAD 2019 


In this way, you are able to further deal with the PDF underlay and get the drawing or design reference you want.

Annotative Object

You may discover that if you plot a drawing with annotations to a smaller scale, the size of the annotations will also be reduced together with the drawing in the Layout viewport, which are usually too small to be seen.

Now by changing the annotations to Annotative Objects, the size of the annotations can be adjusted automatically according to how much the drawing has been scaled down in the Layout viewport, and thus displayed at the correct size.

ZWCAD 2019_Annotative Object.jpg

Figure 2. ZWCAD 2019 


For example, if you want to plot your drawing to a smaller scale, say, 1:4, the annotations of it, which are Annotative Objects now, will be changed automatically to 4:1, to make them big enough to be seen in the Layout viewport. You no longer need to worry about the “disappeared” annotations when scaling down your drawings.


Batch Plot

Sometimes, you may prefer generating several drawings in the Model viewport instead of Layout viewport, so if you want to plot the drawings, you need to do the repeated job to plot them one by one.

Now with Batch Plot, multiple drawings can be plotted from the Model viewport all at once simply by defining their borders, selecting them and entering the ZWPLOT command. More efficient plotting process is realized.

Of course, there are also a number of improvements in this new version, like Layer Properties Manager Palette which enables you to operate in the drawing area with the Layer Manager on, Z-Tracking which allows you to track the Z Axis automatically, and Light color scheme as another option except for the default Dark scheme.


ZWCAD has been ceaselessly making obvious progress on every version and satisfying your diversified needs, and ZWCAD 2019 is no exception. As our new mission in the new era, providing reliable CAD products to you is what we fight tooth and nail to do.

Experience it yourself and visit our forum to share your Beta experience and suggestions with us and CAD users around the world. Your voices are valued.

ZWCAD 2019 Official Release is coming soon, please stay tuned.



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