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ZW3D Donated Licenses to Salesians Terrassa in Barcelona.

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ZW3D Donated Licenses to Salesians Terrassa in Barcelona.

Products 2018-12-21 16:53:00

ZW3D, a world-leading integrated CAD/CAM solution provider,donated licenses of ZW3D 2019 Academic to Salesians Terrassa, a training school for socially vulnerable children and adolescents in Barcelona, Spain to support its education. After the donation, the mechanical training department of Salesians Terrassa can fulfill education of ZW3D.


Opportunities and Challenges for Training Workers

Salesians Terrassa, found in 1957, is a local training organization to educate vulnerable groups and deliver social labors in Terrassa and nearby cities. Previously, Salesians Terrassa failed to instruct students to use ZW3D and satisfy the need of factories because of a lack of softwares.


“It is an awkward situation,” said Julio Casas Fernandez, a mechanical teacher and the contact person between school and factories. “Most factories here use ZW3D while the workers we delivered cannot use ZW3D.” 

High Efficiently All-in-one Solutions of ZW3D

ZW3D provides powerful CAD/CAM solutions for users to develop product efficiently. The mechanical training apartment of Salesians Terrassa highly appreciated the efficiency of the working process in ZW3D. “During my 30-year-teaching, I cannot believe that I can have the first part of 3D model and the file in few minutes but ZW3D made it,” Julio Casas Fernandez said.


With the all-in-one solution provided by ZW3D, students of Salesians Terrassa can gain the skills of both CAD and CAM solutions, including assembly design, sketching, 2X & 3X milling and splitting. “It is really convenient for us and factories to finish the whole process of product development in one software,” Julio Casas Fernandez said.


In addition, ZW3D shortens the learning curve for users, which can help Salesians Terrassa insert social labors quickly but capably. “It is really amazing, and I indeed feel good to work with ZW3D, compared with other softwares,” Julio Casas Fernandez said during the training with ZW3D.

Great Suppport from ZW3D

With years of development, ZW3D has a mature technical service network covered over 90 countries and supports users a lot by delivering regular tutorial videos, knowledge base and technical support. “The videos and tutorials are very useful for teachers to apply in class,” Julio Casas Fernandez said. Moreover, Mecdata, the local partner of ZW3D, regularly communicates with Salesians Terrassa.


I think it’s a very high opportunity for Salesians Terrassa to work with ZW3D,” Julio Casas Fernandez said. “It can really give you better user experience and lots of benefits.”


About Salesians Terrassa


Salesians Terrassa is a training school providing general and professional training in mechanical, electrical and others for those who are socially vulnerable and delivers professional workers to factories in Terrassa and nearest cities.

About ZW3D

ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting, and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2-axis to 5-axis.



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