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CADbro 2018 SP2, a 3D CAD Viewer to Raise Efficiency of Development and Production Collaboration

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CADbro 2018 SP2, a 3D CAD Viewer to Raise Efficiency of Development and Production Collaboration

Products 2018-09-29 12:28:00

GUANGZHOU, China-- Sep 19th ,2018-- ZWSOFT,  an innovative supplier of CAD/CAM solutions and service provider, today announced the launch of an advanced 3D CAD viewer,  CADbro 2018 SP2, the best assistant to raise the efficiency of development and production collaboration.   Packed with 3D & 2D viewing, measuring, mark-up and other investigative & analyzing functions, CADbro makes it possible for everyone to access engineering & manufacturing data and collaborate in the absence of a 3D CAD/CAM platform, greatly cutting the cost of product development and shortening the time-to-market.  


Figure 1. CADbro 2018 SP2


Multi-CAD Support for 3D CAD Viewers

3D CAD Viewers can open 25+ kinds of 3D & 2D CAD files, like CATIA, NX, Creo, Solidworks, and save them as lightweight & neutral formats, like PDF, HTML, for sharing with internal & external teams.  

In this case, gaining insights from engineering data without the expertise in CAD software, CAD professionals can effectively communicate design feedbacks and change requests, while non-professionals can quickly conduct business or marketing activities concurrently, like easy quotation etc.  


Figure 2. CADbro 2018 SP2


Easy Analysis for Mold Supervisors

Mold Supervisor can use easy analysis functions, like region, thickness analysis, undercut analysis, and so on. They enable manufacturing departments to check the availability of mold, reducing human error & negligence and ensuring the accuracy of machining.  

Figure 3. CADbro 2018 SP2


Simple Markup Tool for CAM Taskmaster

Manufacturing taskmasters can add PMI or annotation into manufacturing guide within height analysis result, which is a new function in CADbro SP2. Plus, benefiting from more comfortable dimension and measure display in HTML output file, designers can make clearer follow up and avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation.  

"CADbro 2018 SP2 supports online updates without complete reinstallation. From CAD design, mold to manufacturing, it enables cooperative work between different departments, saving cost on more complex and expensive CAD software," said Colin Lin, Director of CADbro Overseas Business.  


Figure 4. CADbro 2018 SP2



CADbro is one of the competitive products of ZWSOFT, a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. With 20 years’ experience in CAD/CAM industry, ZWSOFT products have been sold well to over 900,000 users from more than 90 countries and districts by 260+ global partners.  



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