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ZWSOFT Releases CADbro 2018 SP, A Powerful 3D Viewer Allowing Lightning-fast Data Collaboration

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ZWSOFT Releases CADbro 2018 SP, A Powerful 3D Viewer Allowing Lightning-fast Data Collaboration

Products 2018-05-24 12:31:00

GUANGZHOU, China—May 30th ,2018 -- ZWSOFT, an innovative supplier of CAD/CAM solutions and service provider, today announced the launch of a full-featured and budget-friendly 3D CAD viewer, CADbro 2018 SP1, which allows lightning-fast data collaboration through its view, annotation and analysis functions.  


Intuitive and Powerful 3D Viewer

Known for its modern user-interface, high-performance viewing, and advanced analysis, CADbro ships with powerful 3D viewer for a broad range of 3D and 2D formats. Supporting HTML file output, CADbro 2018 SP1 enables users to share light-weight 3D data internally and externally, and to view, explore, and section 3D models without running complex 3D software. In other words, users can distribute intricate 3D data safely and at a lightning-fast speed via the browser.     Upgrades include: • Import latest 3D formats: e.g. SolidWorks 2018, Catia V4/V5/V6, NX 11, SolidEdge ST10, Inventor 2018 • Import 2D formats: Catia & SolidWorks 2D drawing, DWG/DXF 2018 • Output HTML and PDF files with PMI (product manufacturing information)    


Smart and Vivid 3D Annotation

CADbro's 3D annotation features make it simple for clients to check 3D models, add remarks and suggestions or any other information helpful for departmental communication, which reduces rework and improves decision-making process.   Upgrade: • Dimension data show clearly at any angle • Move bounding from PMI to tools    


Advanced Analysis

CADbro is a powerful set of analysis tools for verifying parts and assemblies throughout the product development lifecycle. It helps detect errors at the early stage so as to save cost and time.   Key features: • Mass Properties, e.g. volume, area, mass • Draft Angle, Wall Thickness, Dynamic Section • Interference Check, Exploded View, Assembly Animation     “CADbro's ability to open files without complicated conversion processes makes it the ideal solution for teams working across multiple file types and/or CAD systems,” said Simon Martin, a professional industry designer in New York. “It's clear that CADbro offers one of the most powerful solutions on the market today.”  



ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou) is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider, which has created design software products that have continuously satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D drafters for 2 decades.  



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