Welcome to Test ZWCAD 2020 Open Beta

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Welcome to Test ZWCAD 2020 Open Beta

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Welcome to Test ZWCAD 2020 Open Beta

Products 2019-04-22 09:35:00

Guangzhou, China: April 22, 2019 – Not long after ZWCAD 2020 Close Beta was released in ZWorld 2019, its Open Beta is available now for you to have a test! As was stated by Daniel Huang, ZWCAD Product Manager in ZWorld 2019, “We have spared no effort to make ZWCAD stronger at almost every aspect, based on the feedback from our users and the understanding of the industry”, so, what will ZWCAD bring you this time?

Multi-core Processor: Faster and Faster

Through efficiency tests, ZWCAD 2020 Beta just got even faster, improving by 45.5% compared with ZWCAD 2019, which has already been 150% faster than 2 years ago. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_1.jpg

Figure 1. The speed of creating a block with 40,000 objects in ZWCAD 2020 (left) and ZWCAD 2019 SP2 (right)

What’s the secret behind it? The answer is multi-core processing technology. It helps increase the speed of opening drawing especially the large ones, and creating blocks especially the ones with numerous objects. Moreover, in 32-bit Operation System, up to 2.6GB memory can be released, enabling you to open the large drawings more smoothly.


Figure 2. The Large Memory Switch for releasing memory


Manage PDF Underlays with Ease

The PDF Underlay Manager palette is now ready for you to better manage all the attached PDF Underlays in your drawing. They can be attached, detached, opened, etc. in this palette, and their information such as status, size, type, etc. can also be checked. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_3.jpg

Figure 3. The dialog box of PDF Underlay Manager

In one word, it will help you manage PDF Underlays more conveniently, and take full advantage of the PDF Underlay feature.


TK: Handy In-command Tracking

Previously, if you want to place a point, say, the starting point of an object to a specific location, you need to draw some auxiliary lines. Now, with the in-command TK Tracking, you can locate the object with a virtual auxiliary line in the middle of your drawing or an editing command. Thus, the drawing efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_4.jpg

Figure 4. Use TK Tracking after activating the Circle command


More User-friendly Annotation Scale

When there are too many annotation scales being stored in one single drawing, it will take a long time to load and display the annotative objects. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_5.jpg

Figure 5. The prompt asking whether you need to reset the Annotation Scale List


Now, a prompt will pop out when opening such kind of drawings, reminding you to reset the scale list to the default state by removing the unneeded custom scales, and thus improving the efficiency and smoothness of dealing with annotative objects. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_6.jpg

Figure 6. The Annotation Scale List before (left) and after (right) resetting


Lisp Debugger – Work on ZWCAD Lisp Conveniently

If you are a lisp-writer, you can’t miss the Lisp Debugger, which was developed based on Visual Studio Code from Microsoft™. It helps you debug and modify your lisp programs easily. It is a true friend and helpful companion for all developers working on ZWCAD Lisp. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_7.jpgFigure 7. ZwLisp in Microsoft Extensions Marketplace


Data Extraction – All You Need are Well Organized by a Few Clicks

It enables you to extract various data including quantity, layer, area, diameter, length, color, etc. from objects by filters. All these extracted data will be shown in a table or be exported to a .csv/.xls file. It helps you easily acquire the data you need from the drawing, and it is especially useful when numerous data need to be extracted at one time. ZWCAD_2020_BETA_8.jpgFigure 8. Extract the data of the circle

For every version of ZWCAD, we neither rush to realize a large number of new features, nor the “fantastic” or trendy ones. We provide it, because you or the industry you are in may need it. Why not have a try to experience it yourself? More importantly, your voice are valuable to us, so if you have any comments, welcome to tell us.  



Developed by ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou), which has helped 900,000 users from 90 countries create amazing things, ZWCAD is a powerful, reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution for worldwide users. Available in 15 languages, it provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features to designers and engineers in various industries such as AEC and MFG.

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