ZWSim-EM 2021: More Efficient and Accurate Electromagnetic Simulation with Upgraded EIT

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ZWSim-EM 2021: More Efficient and Accurate Electromagnetic Simulation with Upgraded EIT

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ZWSim-EM 2021: More Efficient and Accurate Electromagnetic Simulation with Upgraded EIT

Products 2020-12-25 17:37:00

Guangzhou, China: December 24, 2020 – ZWSim-EM 2021 was officially released with the upgraded core algorithm EIT (Embedded Integral Technique), the optimized meshing technologies, and the further enhanced pre-processing and post-processing capabilities. As an important part of ZWSim, ZWSOFT’s simulation solution and All-in-One CAx strategy, the launch of ZWSim-EM 2021 is an important achievement that ZWSOFT has made in satisfying multi-disciplinary simulation needs, enabling users to analyze electromagnetic products more efficiently and shorten the product development cycle.

As we all know, CAE software is an important tool for engineers to fully verify the rationality of product designs before manufacturing, and enhance their innovation capabilities. As one of the CAE solutions, electromagnetic simulation is playing an increasingly important role in modern wireless communications, biomedicine, aerospace and other fields. At the same time, the requirements for simulation accuracy, speed, and ease of use have become higher. Let’s see how ZWSim-EM 2021 meets these requirements.

More Accurate and Efficient Simulation Adopting EIT, ZWSim-EM effectively overcomes the trapezoidal error which occurs when using traditional FDTD algorithm to simulate curved metallic boundaries and material interfaces, and accurately simulates any curved metals and multilayer thin dielectric sheets. Upgraded in the 2021 version, EIT enables higher simulation accuracy. Moreover, the simulation speed has been further accelerated by multi-core and single GPU. Precise and fast. Enjoy your electromagnetic simulation with ZWSim-EM 2021.

More Powerful Modeling Capabilities The self-developed Overdrive kernel endows ZWSim-EM with powerful modeling capabilities, like parametric modeling, solid-surface hybrid modeling, convenient healing functions, etc. This integration of modeling and simulation gives you a more complete and seamless process from designing to verifying. Now in the 2021 version, you can set the Check Level to inspect model correctness with effective prompts, to better inform you of model defects like open faces and heal accordingly.

Set Check Level to inspect model correctness

Figure 1. Set Check Level to inspect model correctness

More Intelligent Mesh Generation Offering mesh-generation strategies including General Mesh and Local Mesh, ZWSim-EM is able to satisfy different accuracy requirements. In the 2021 version, Auto Mesh is available, enabling the mesh parameters to be calculated automatically according to the characteristics of the model, which is more intelligent. What’s more, the level of mesh simplification can now be customized, allowing you to reduce the number of mesh and improve meshing flexibility and efficiency. For example, you can increase the simplification level of the meshing of non-critical parts.

Auto Mesh and Mesh Simplification Level

Figure 2. Auto Mesh and Mesh Simplification Level

In addition, you can set frequency sampling points before calculation to improve simulation efficiency and reduce the number of result data. More types and three modulation modes of excitation signal are also supported, to meet different simulation needs.

Multiple types and modulation modes of excitation signal

Figure 3. Multiple types and modulation modes of excitation signal

Relying on an excellent solver and complete pre- and post-processing functions, ZWSim-EM 2021 can quickly and accurately simulate antennas, microwave devices, radars and other electromagnetic products, and analyze radiation, scattering and other complex broadband electromagnetic problems. The Product Manager of ZWSim-EM pointed out, "This new version is more full-featured and easy-to-use, better meeting the application needs of engineers from designing, simulating to manufacturing, and help improve the efficiency and quality of product development." In the future, ZWSOFT will continue to upgrade the software based on feedback from users, to forge an industry-specific, RF-related and all-in-one simulation solution. If you are interested, apply for a free trial.

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