ZWMeshWorks 2021: CAE Platform with Ready-Made Pre- and Post-Processors

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ZWMeshWorks 2021: CAE Platform with Ready-Made Pre- and Post-Processors

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ZWMeshWorks 2021: CAE Platform with Ready-Made Pre- and Post-Processors

Products 2021-01-04 15:22:00

Guangzhou, China: January 4, 2021ZWMeshWorks 2021, the CAE platform with ready-made pre- and post-processors, was officially released for solver developers, enabling them to integrate their multi-disciplinary solvers conveniently, and laying an important foundation for flexible customization of CAE software.

Nowadays, a considerable number of developers focus on the development of excellent solvers. But due to the lack of pre- and post- processors, they cannot develop a complete CAE product in a short time. With powerful modeling capabilities thanks to the Overdrive kernel, advanced meshing technologies, and complete pre- and post-processing functions, ZWMeshWorks 2021 can integrate multi-disciplinary solvers, benefiting developers in different industries and significantly improving the development efficiency of professional CAE software.

Highly extendable and compatible CAE platform Adopting the ideas of modular design and providing standard interfaces, ZWMeshWorks is highly customizable and extendable. With standardized geometric interfaces and solver interfaces, the 2021 version not only supports seamless data exchange of different file formats, but is also highly compatible with model data for multi-disciplinary simulation, to integrate solvers for the simulation of fluids, electromagnetics, structures, acoustics, optics, etc., and realize the commercialization of CAE in a shorter time.

Figure 1. The platform for the development of multi-disciplinary CAE software

Meshing, modeling, pre- and post-processing: everything is ready for solver integration ZWMeshWorks 2021 realizes efficient geometric processing and mesh generation by virtue of its powerful modeling capabilities and advanced meshing technologies. First of all, it supports parametric modeling, solid-surface hybrid modeling, model healing, etc., improving modeling efficiency and enabling quicker geometry cleanup and simplification. Moreover, with the Hybrid Advancing-Front & Delaunay Mesh Generation, it can accurately capture the characteristics of complex geometry, quickly and stably generate tens of millions of high-quality meshes. Multiple types of meshes like triangle, (hybrid) quadrilateral, tetrahedron and (hybrid) hexahedron can be generated automatically, and local mesh control, isotropic and anisotropic meshes supported.

Figure 2. Powerful mesh generation of ZWMeshWorks

In addition to geometric processing and mesh generation, ZWMeshWorks provides other pre-processing functions, such as diversified function expressions, customizable and reusable material libraries, and convenient ways to apply boundary conditions. For post-processing, you can view, edit, probe, create and output the results as needed.

Figure 3. Various ways to display results

An ecosystem for multi-disciplinary simulation As an important tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in manufacturing, CAE software is essential to improve innovation capabilities and realize intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, ZWSOFT has established a CAE R&D center in 2018, recruited outstanding talents at home and abroad, and kept increasing R&D investment in the CAE field. Together with ZWSim-EM and ZWSim Structural, ZWMeshWorks 2021 forms ZWSim, the multi-disciplinary simulation solution, and shoulders the mission to accelerate the development of CAE products with its powerful meshing, modeling, and pre- and post-processing capabilities. In the future, ZWSOFT will insist on enhancing the compatibility and ease of use of ZWMeshWorks, to help developers improve the development efficiency of professional CAE software, build an ecosystem for multi-disciplinary simulation, and provide reliable All-in-One CAx solutions to global users. If you are interested, apply for a free trial.

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