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Top 5 Benefits of 3D CAD Software for School Teaching

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Top 5 Benefits of 3D CAD Software for School Teaching

ZWSchool 2021-04-19 11:48:00

The knowledge for technical drawings has become necessary with persistently increasing technological advancements. By considering technical drawings in diversified applications, modeling software has now made its place in schools. The basic concept inculcated about CAD software in the classroom foster the capacity of technical imagination in students. But that is not all. In this article, we will see why CAD software is vital for schools and how it improves the technical drawing skills of students in the classroom.

Before we plunge into the technical benefits of CAD for school, we would like to provide an overview of 3D CAD software, which is frequently used by designers in every field.

What is 3D CAD Software?

The innovative approach of engineers keeps encouraging them to valuable mainstream software for even better results. 3D CAD software is one. 3D modeling, also known as the three-dimensional computer-aided design, is a technology that paves the way for technical innovation and documentation through an automated process while replacing the need for manual drawings.

Typically, 3D CAD software is used by manufacturing professionals such as product designers, and mold designers to accurately model and visualize the objects, which dramatically improves efficiency. It has become an industry trend for the design industry to master CAD programs. Also, if a student wants to increase his or her competitive advantage in society, mastering CAD design thinking and skills in schools is a must.

Meanwhile, amid myriads of 3D CAD software, ZW3D CAD is one of the most adopted and rapidly emerging software. As far as CAD for schools is concerned, ZW3D CAD caters to the features of 3D CAD programs teaching in school, helping students gain intricate technical drawing concepts.

The rest of the article will move to how CAD for school brings benefits for school education, taking ZW3D as an example.


Figure 1. 3D CAD design

Top 5 Benefits of 3D CAD software for School Teaching?

The modern age belongs to technology and innovation. If you want to let these innovations go on, it is inevitable to let the students know about the essentials of technical problems they might encounter in the future. Indubitably, 3D CAD software is one of them.

1. Provide Visually Oriented Instructional Materials

One of the biggest advantages of 3D modeling software is that it can turn a two-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional stereogram. Learning through visual means is one of the proven methods that help students focus their material of studies. Visual learning meaningfully engages students in visual literacy, visual communication, and visual language and creates their interest in the topic they are being taught.

Especially when the teacher needs to mark the key data and notes of a part of the machine design for the students, the PMI tool of ZW3D Academic is the best way for teachers to create dimensions and notes on the 3D entity intuitively, so as to facilitate the students to view and understand.

2. Have a Positive Effect on an Approach to Instruction known as Active Learning

3D CAD program is a very complex technology work. If there is no intuitive visualization and intelligent auto-complete function aided in design, students will be frustrated and turn to passive learning. In contrast, when students master CAD software to complete a complex design, and can interact with teachers on design related issues in class, it will greatly stimulate students' interest in active learning.

In this way, ZW3D known as an easy-to-use CAD software worldwide provides an effective tool for the school to develop an attitude of active learning among students, which has a lot more to pay students back.

3. Cultivate Student’s Innovative Thinking

The basic knowledge about 3D modeling makes the students a good creator. Taking 3D CAD programs to schools gives them an opportunity to explore more potential possibilities independently instead of buying from another resource. Typically, CAD for school inflicts a generous capacity of thinking out of the box. For example, the 3D visualization and parameterization of the concept design encourages students to put forward innovative opinions on a design drawing for brainstorming. It is usually absent in the students who did not come across these kinds of modeling software at their schools.

4. Give Students a Valuable Opportunity to Learn Skill for Career

When these students join their respective fields in the future, they have an explicit edge about their designing and 3D modeling skills if they accessed 3D CAD programs in schools before. How these students can better grow in their professions is also one of the goals of school teaching. Using CAD software in the teaching process is one of the most effective ways to let students understand the process of industrial design in advance. Rich design resources of automobile, manufacturing, pipeline and other industries are available free of charge from ZW3D Academic which aims to become one of the best auxiliary tools for school teaching.

5. Improve Students' Spatial Imagination and Creativity  

Again, this is one of the most significant benefits introduced by the school's virtual learning process wherein the CAD is an integral part. Only rely on teachers' oral repetition without 3D CAD software to assist in school teaching is regarded as an obsolete way not conducive to cultivating students' imagination and creativity. Introduce a 3D CAD program, such as ZW3D Academic that possesses large models and parts library of different disciplines, to the school. It is to support students to give full play to their imagination with the abundant library to achieve creative designs. Students with such practices develop a good capability of thinking technically, leading them towards creativity and thus innovation.

Figure 2. Improve Students' Spatial Imagination and Creativity 

Final Words

Taking care of students' imaginative abilities helps build up a desire for unique thinking and creativity, later used in business. 3D CAD modeling encourages students’ accomplishments and sets them up for education. They build up the self-confidence that allows them to seek after challenging paths. As students develop their minds, it promotes innovation, and they make their own original 3D projects.

In this regard, ZWSOFT has introduced the best 3D CAD software named ZW3D Academic out of many others. You can better utilize this software for the virtual learning of students related to CAD designs.

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