What Makes ZW3D CAM Module Emerge a Good Choice for Machine Design?

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What Makes ZW3D CAM Module Emerge a Good Choice for Machine Design?

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What Makes ZW3D CAM Module Emerge a Good Choice for Machine Design?

ZWSchool 2021-04-27 13:35:00

Machine design is a study area where how to design machine parts or components. It is perhaps the most crucial part of manufacturing, especially for designing mechanical components. Meanwhile, some machine design requirements must be dealt with appropriately, including strength, rigidity, wear resistance, minimum dimensions, weights, manufacturability, safety, conformance to standards, reliability, and maintainability. Once these requirements a, you are well prepared to enter the designing phase of the product. 

Now here we have a question for you. Can you complete these requirements manually without any software? Without a doubt, your answer will be 'No' because you cannot do all this work without design software. Along the same lines, here we introduce you to one of the most feasible machine design solutions known as the ZW3D CAM module.

Figure 1. Machine design

ZW3D CAM Software (CAM module) Features Overview

What we call machine tool design includes these core processes and functions: parametric design, assembly, engineering drawings/

 ZW3D CAM module is one of designing software that remains the most significant helping hand when designing mechanical parts or any other product. Let us have a realistic overview of the services offered by the ZW3D CAM module.

-All in one 3D CAD/CAM solution

-Unique solid-surface Hybrid Modeling 

-Cutting-edge Non-solid Mold Parting Technology

-Smart QuickMill Technology

But now the question is how this software will benefit in machine design. Let's find the answer.


What Will the ZW3D CAM module Bring to Machine Design?

ZW3D CAM module is an inclusive CNC machining solution that provides 2-5 axis milling, high-speed machining, drilling, and turning procedures. Engineers can quickly and efficiently generate consistent tool paths by exploiting features such as automatic region identification, flexible tool path editor, and many more. Not only that but there are myriad factors based on which ZW3D CAM program is better than other CAM programs prevailing in the market. Let's take a look at these factors:

Easy to learn and use:

To better optimize the workflow, ZW3D facilitates you with a customizable interface. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned engineer or at the start of your designing career, you will be able to get the job done relatively quickly. That is also why this software is a reasonable choice to get used as Easy to learn and easy-to-use CAM software.

A reliable CAM suite: 

There are several options available inZW3D CAM module software that ensure a reliable and feasible machining environment. These options include calculating the minimum tool's overhang length, collision check between parts and holders, gouge detection, and a safe ramp.

Powerful built-in CAD capability: 

To read out the mainstream file formats, there is a built-in translator in ZW3D software. Besides, any modification or change of model geometry within the 3D CAD module can be adjusted with the tool's changing pattern according to its path. This rare option distinguishes ZW3D from other software.

A versatile CAM platform suite:

To deal with numerous types of machining operations, ZW3D software comes up as the best service provider for its designer. Whether it is about turning, drilling, 2-5X milling, or high-speed machining, ZW3D allows the best possible convenience to its users. Provided with the CAM suite, a well-managed, easy to customize post-processors library is offered to your machine.

Efficient and high-quality machining:

ZW3D software is equipped with QuickMill and VoluMill technologies that help regulate feed rates and uniform cutting loads. These features successfully increase the productivity of the process by 200%. Finishing operations can get performed easily to get high-quality surface finishing.

Figure 2. Efficient and high-quality machining

Being a versatile and reliable CAD/CAM software, ZW3D is rapidly gaining its due position in the market. To make this choice more manageable for you, here are the advantages associated with using this software for machine design:

2-3X High-Performance Roughing & High-Quality Finishing

Having over 40 types of 2X and 3X machining strategies, the ZW3D CAM Module offers its operators to use it in multiple ways. Moreover, when it comes to the mold's high-performance roughing, "Volumill" for ZW3D provides its services, increasing the tool's life by 800% and reducing the cycle time up to 70%. Using this software, we can quickly get the required toolpath on Nurbs and STL geometry.

Intelligent Machining Feature Recognition

ZW3D CAM Module has been intelligently equipped to identify the previously machined areas and recognize toolpaths accordingly and automatically. Similarly, the hole Tactic function automatically figures out features and manufacture-able Toolpath. In this way, the programming time reduces by 70%.

Flexible & Efficient Toolpath Editor

ZW3D CAM software ensures the editing of partial or entire toolpaths with tools used for trimming, re-ordering, transforming, and re-linking. That is how the programming process becomes more efficient and flexible. 

Turning & 5X Milling

When it comes to multi-axis machining, the ZW3D CAM module can be the best option. With highly reduced time, you can trim the workpiece from multiple sides with full precision. On the other hand, turning offers diversified facilities regarding turned parts, like grooving, finishing, roughing from the inner side, facing, drilling, and threading.

Verification & Simulation

You can simulate the actual machining process and analyze Toolpath and excess materials using its Full Machine Simulation (FMS) and Solid Verify functions respectively. Typically, the simulation option helps closely watch the whole machining process. Thus, potential issues associated with machining can be detected and fixed before the machining gets started. 


ZWSOFT is a deep-rooted company renowned for advanced designing solutions. We have mainstreamed advanced designing software like ZW3D and ZWCAD, and we are working to introduce even better design solutions. All the software is refined and unique in their features and efficiency, making them a preferable choice.

After reading this article, you are probably in a better position to ascertain the veracity of the CAM module of the ZW3D

, has several unique features in itself. These features include automatically recognizing already machined parts, offering the facility of simulation and verification, equipping with Cutting-Edge Non-Solid Mold Parting Technology that saves considerable time, high performance roughing and finishing, multi-axis machining, efficient Toolpath editing, and so on. 

Assuredly, you will not find these features in traditional machine design software. 

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