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Why ZWCAD 2D Drawing Is Better than Manual Drawing in Home Design

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Why ZWCAD 2D Drawing Is Better than Manual Drawing in Home Design

ZWSchool 2021-02-22 00:00:00

In the past, prior to the development of sophisticated computing technologies and CAD software, designers illustrated home designs using manual drawings. Adopting 2D CAD drawings as the standard for illustrating home design was borne out necessity as architects needed ways to visualize their design concepts. The entire discipline of technical drawing came into existence based on this.


The challenges of manual designs for home design

Today, home designs have come a long way and have seen profound changes in principles and techniques. From interior design trends, planning, and space allocation, almost no stone has been left unturned. Clients now have diverse needs for a perfect home design scheme with accurate data and more comprehensive aspects involved. And the industry is moving at a fast pace, especially factoring the ever-increasing demand for collaboration with other professions during home design. Unsurprisingly, manual drawings have failed to keep up with these changing needs:

  • Fast revisions: The back and forth involved in visualizing design concepts often necessitates the implementation of numerous changes to the original design in very limited timeframes. In the case of manual drawings, this is challenging. Any correction means everything on that sheet needs redesigning.
  • Accuracy: The need for accuracy can be over-emphasized when carrying out home designs. Hand drawings could include a lot of human errors that may cause conflicts or accidents even, during or after construction.
  • Visualization: Designers need to visualize their design concepts so that they can better present them to their clients and other professionals alike. Doing this manually could be tedious and strenuous, let alone less likely to get the ideas through to the clients fast.

The advent of CAD software changed all of that

This convention of manual drawing, except for being time-consuming and stressful, was also inefficient as they relied much on trial and error. What’s worse, manual designs involved using a lot of paper and physical models that added to the clutter involved in the design. So, it is typical for designers to explore tools and techniques to help them stay on track.  Modern 2D CAD software brought along with them efficient, accurate, and realistic home designs that were easy to create, replicate, and share with others.

So far, we have touched on CAD software a lot in this write-up, but one particular CAD software that serves design professionals meticulously when it comes to home design is ZWCAD 2D software from software maker ZWSOFT. The intuitive and responsive user interface coupled with the extensive array of design tools are some of the reasons that make it an excellent choice for home design. Taking it a step further, the latest version of ZWCAD 2021 made visualization easy with its powerful 2D feature while providing a better visual experience.


Advantages of ZWCAD 2D over manual design in home design

Some of the design enthusiasts stand to fight against the traditional manual drawing style with ZWCAD software, which contributes to the advantages that ZWCAD 2D drawings brings:

  • Visualization: Visualizing the design concepts would be a herculean task if done manually, but a much easier feat when using ZWCAD software. . Therefore, you are able to fulfill your client’s visualization needs in a shorter time frame. You can also visualize ing.
  • Modification of designs: Modifications of 2D drawings can come from clients or coworkers online which is thank to the cloud function of ZWCAD software. Contrary to manual drawing, you do not have to start the drawing afresh with ZWCAD. You can complete the repeated modifications that home designs usually need with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • More accurate designs: Accuracy is a vital requirement of any architectural design and even more in home designs. A little error in the design stage can cause extensive loss during construction and interior design. Luckily, ZWCAD 2D takes care of accuracy-related problems. You can make use of calculation tools like formulas for tables and fields when you draw. This way, what you produce is precise. It implies that your 2D designs will be of accurate dimensions and specifications to clearly communicate to other professionals.
  • Sharable: ZWCAD 2D software saves all your works as a soft file copy that is easily transferrable to whoever needs it, making it easy to collaborate with other professionals on the team. Clients are not left out of this advantage either. Clients can easily review the designs shared even when they are far away. They can also give corrections, and everything takes place remotely. This is not possible in the manual design stage.
  • Convenient storage: Storing 2D drawings done with ZWCAD software is convenient because it is not bulky. Just like every other soft copy document, you can have your file in the cloud where you can access it from anywhere. You can also have your file stored in your flash drive or hard drive, which you can conveniently carry around. While if you want to store the manual draft, it not only needs a lot of file bags and space to keep it properly, but also watch out for all kinds of liquids polluting them.
  • Availability of Templates: ZWCAD 2D software allows you to create templates of utilities that you have used often, thus making your work faster in the future. In addition to what you create, you have access to a rich library of industry-standard templates that will make drawing easier. However, all of these are not available for manual drawings.

By now, it should be clear for all to see that the use of CAD software wins the comparison race against hand-made drawing in home design and for good reasons, some of which we have covered in this write-up. A quick reminder reinforces how speed, efficiency, and visualization perks associated with CAD software supersedes that of manually drawn design.

When it comes to a CAD software capable of delivering qualitative home designs, ZWCAD software is worth considering for every design professional because of its superior 2D functions, vast array of design tools, and intuitive interface. ZWCAD 2D software is created by ZWSOFT, a company that has dedicated over two decades to developing high-end practical engineering software for industries such as AEC and MFG. With a vast portfolio and presence in several countries, you can rest assured that you’ll receive professional and timely aftersales support.

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