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Applications 2021-03-19 14:46:00 1124

1. Mozart integrates into the classic ZWCAD interface.

In addition to the numerous commands for creating the patterns, plug-ins are available to extend Mozart's functionality.


2. The Material Consumption Calculation provides two methods for producing a consumption estimate by creating reports in text or Excel format. The data can be exported to pdm and other data management software via text file.


3. The Unfolding of 3D surfaces calculates the 2D surface equivalent to the 3D surface (mesh or Coon surface).


4. The Technical Sheets of the pattern can be created with the indications of the cutting, preparation and assembly phases. A4 sheets can be printed and exported to PDF.

Among the available phases: cutting, splitting, skiving, splitting, gluing, thermo-gluing, dyeing and marking.


5. The AAMA DXF Interface allows dialogue between Mozart and programs or cutting machines that accept DXF AAMA 292.

It can overcome the limitations of the AAMA 292 standard as it can define five levels of quality zones, thirteen drilling tools, three types of notches, pieces to mirror or cut for multiple tools, objects to be projected on the cutting machine plane, cutting direction and horizontal and vertical patterns of the material.