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Land Development Suite

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Survey and Cogo is also included in Land Development Suite and Survey and Cogo Suite.

Set Points
Import points into your drawing. You may import points from a text file in a variety of formats such as: Point number Northing Easting Elevation Desc. (P,N,E,Z,D or P,E,N,Z,D), X,Y,Z or from a LandXML file.
Set points by entering coordinates. Set points by picking a point. (if you pick a point on a 3D object, the elevation may be used for the point). You may also set points by entering a station and offset.

Automatic Linework and point symbols!
Whenever you add points to the drawing a user definable block can also be placed there automatically, such as an iron pipe or a power pole etc. Linework may also be imported from field codes.

Point protection
Complete point protection gives you the choice of overwriting existing points or renumbering points as they are imported.

Boundary Traverse and Sideshot
Set points using a boundary traverse or sideshot with turned angle, North azimuth or South azimuth (use vertical angle or difference in elevation).

Radial stakeout
Select the points you need for a radial stakeout. Create a radial stakeout report using Turned Angle or North or South Azimuth.

Inverse points by entering the point number.

Find intersections by Bearing – Bearing, Bearing – Distance, Az – Az, Az – Distance, Distance – Distance, Line – Arc, and Point offset to a line.

Draw by point number
You may draw a line from point to point by entering a range of point numbers.

Import / Export
Import points from an ascii file or export points to an ascii file. A file is created with Point Number, Northing, Easting, Elevation and Desc. You may also create a Point List for viewing in the same format. Import points from a LandXML file or export points to a LandXML file to share with other applications.

Manipulate points
You may manipulate points in the drawing by moving or rotating them, you may change the elevation of a group of points, you may resize existing points in the drawing and you may also pivot the points about their placement point.

Draw Traverse
You may draw by entering bearings or azimuths and distances and curves.
Good for inputing an existing boundary.

Draw by deflection
You may draw by entering a deflection angle from a line.

Draw Curves
You may draw a curve tangent to two lines or tangent to the end of a line.
You may draw curves by PC-RP-PT, PC-POC-PT and PC-PI-PT

You may label the bearing (or North or South Azimuth) and distance of a line by selecting it or by picking points. You may label a curve (radius, length) or (delta, radius, tangent, length and chord bearing & length) by selecting it or by picking points.
Label coordinates by picking a point.
Label areas by selecting a closed polyline.
Label station and offset from an alignment (line, polyline or arc).

Design Lots by Area
You may let the program automatically design lots by area using Slide Bearing, Hinge or Radial methods.

Let the program write your parcel descriptions! Select a commencing polyline, then select a parcel boundary. The parcel description is written to a text file that you may edit in your favorite word program.

English and Metric
Use the English menu to use Quadrant bearings or Azimuths with feet.
Use the Metric menu to use Azimuths with meters.

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