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ZWSim-EM 2022

  • Lumped Components

    Lumped Components

    Support loading resistance (R), inductance (L), capacitor (C) and diode; support loading series or parallel lumped components (RLC).

  • Field Monitor

    Field Monitor

    Support setting monitors for EM field and far-field that need the calculation of frequency points or bands before simulation, which reduces calculation and accelerates simulation.

  • Remote Scheduling

    Remote Scheduling

    Through remote scheduling and solving, the server sends and distributes tasks to other computers, liberating the local one.

  • Updated Material Library

    Updated Material Library

    Some common materials have been added to the material library. Users can set conventional and dispersion materials, and import third-party material libraries.

  • Parameter Sweep

    Parameter Sweep

    After sweeping parameters, the corresponding results are automatically generated to facilitate model optimization and analysis.

  • Lumped Face Port and Complex Impedance

    Lumped Face Port and Complex Impedance

    Lumped face port is added to adapt to more simulation scenarios. And if the excitation source of microwave components is a complex impedance, it can be set by users.

  • Mathematical Expression and Feature Tracking

    Mathematical Expression and Feature Tracking

    The results can be processed again according to the input mathematical expressions. And the characteristics of results such as maximum and minimum values, bandwidth, etc. can be quickly captured.

  • Refresh Results

    Refresh Results

    When the simulation is not completed, users can refresh and view the currently calculated results, which is convenient to evaluate in real time.

  • Model Library

    Model Library

    Users can customize parametric model library, use models in the library directly and modify them subsequently.

  • Increase the Density of Critical Points

    Increase the Density of Critical Points

    Lines of meshes are allowed to pass through the designated critical points to control mesh generation.

  • Mesh Check

    Mesh Check

    The quality of Yee hexahedral meshes can be checked, which is convenient for users to evaluate the mesh quality.

  • FEM Algorithm

    FEM Algorithm

    Frequency domain algorithm FEM is added, whose tetrahedral meshes can adapt to the irregular surface of 3D objects, making it suitable for simulating electrically small and fine structures.

ZWSim-EM 2021

  • Frequency Sampling Points Setting

    Frequency Sampling Points Setting

    You can set frequency sampling points before calculation to improve simulation efficiency and reduce the number of result data.

  • Check Level

    Check Level

    Inspect model correctness with effective prompts, to better inform you of model defects like open faces and heal accordingly.

  • Mesh Simplification Level

    Mesh Simplification Level

    The level of mesh simplification can now be customized, allowing you to reduce the number of mesh and improve meshing flexibility and efficiency.

  • Auto Mesh

    Auto Mesh

    Mesh parameters can be calculated automatically according to the characteristics of the model, which is more intelligent.

  • Multiple Types and Modulation Modes of Excitation Signal

    Multiple Types and Modulation Modes of Excitation Signal

    More types and three modulation modes of excitation signal are also supported, to meet different simulation needs.

  • Multi-Core and Single GPU

    Multi-Core and Single GPU

    The simulation speed has been further accelerated by multi-core and single GPU.

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