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ZWSim-EM 2021

  • Frequency Sampling Points Setting

    Frequency Sampling Points Setting

    You can set frequency sampling points before calculation to improve simulation efficiency and reduce the number of result data.

  • Check Level

    Check Level

    Inspect model correctness with effective prompts, to better inform you of model defects like open faces and heal accordingly.

  • Mesh Simplification Level

    Mesh Simplification Level

    The level of mesh simplification can now be customized, allowing you to reduce the number of mesh and improve meshing flexibility and efficiency.

  • Auto Mesh

    Auto Mesh

    Mesh parameters can be calculated automatically according to the characteristics of the model, which is more intelligent.

  • Multiple Types and Modulation Modes of Excitation Signal

    Multiple Types and Modulation Modes of Excitation Signal

    More types and three modulation modes of excitation signal are also supported, to meet different simulation needs.

  • Multi-Core and Single GPU

    Multi-Core and Single GPU

    The simulation speed has been further accelerated by multi-core and single GPU.

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