StoGda Implements ZWCAD at Every Stage of Ship Design

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Established in 1997, StoGda Ship Design & Engineering is a ship design and engineering company from Poland. The projects they carried out include ships, other floating objects, offshore structures, shipboard systems, land-based systems, steel structures and other industrial structures. StoGda, a team of over 60 well-experienced designers, has actively engaged in the industry for the last 25 years.

StoGda self-elevating ship project

Figure 1. Jack-up ship project by StoGda

“StoGda carries out projects in every field of shipbuilding at every possible stage, from conceptual design to workshop design,” said Paweł Stadler, StoGda's Engineer. 

StoGda self-elevating ship project

Figure 2. Jack-up ship project by StoGda


ZWCAD Fulfills Design Needs with Necessary Functionality

Due to a temporary employment increase, StoGda purchased ZWCAD in 2016 as a replenishment and alternative to the license-based AutoCAD®. At that time, the use of ZWCAD was limited. Its complete implementation started in 2021 when they upgraded their old version of ZWCAD to ZWCAD 2021.

After upgrading, they found that ZWCAD performed extremely well in stability and compatibility with LISP. As a result, ZWCAD was soon implemented in more departments and design fields.

For StoGda, ZWCAD is now widely used in its design and engineering of hull structure, deck equipment, general ship systems and engine room systems. They use ZWCAD to edit 2D drawings, create 3D models, view 2D and 3D documentation and convert other graphic files to DXF. 

Drawing created using ZWCAD 

Figure 3. Drawing created using ZWCAD


ZWCAD Replaces AutoCAD Perfectly and Rivals Competitors

“Compared to AutoCAD, the software we used previously, ZWCAD offers the same interface, which enables us to get familiar with it quickly. Plus, the greatest benefit of ZWCAD, is that it can run effectively in an old hardware environment,” commented Paweł Stadler.

He also added, “Compared to other CAD programs ZWCAD has a better and clearer interface. And it is not overloaded with functions we rarely use. More importantly, it allows close to 100% possibility of migration from AutoCAD®, which is impossible in any other CAD program.”

Drawing created using ZWCAD 

Figure 4. Drawing created using ZWCAD


Perpetual, Flexible Licenses Cater to Diverse Customer Needs

Different from most CAD programs which are based on subscription mode, ZWCAD is offered with perpetual licenses to help companies reduce costs. Its permanent licenses are available in both stand-alone and network versions. Customers can choose either one depending on their specific needs. Additionally, by adding a yearly maintenance at a low cost, customers can always access the latest versions to enjoy the newest functions.

"The flexible licensing of ZWCAD allows us to make subsequent purchases and upgrade the licenses we held whenever we need. Its flexibility enables us to quickly make a right and risk-free decision," said Paweł Stadler.

He summed up, “Overall, ZWCAD is a very balanced tool as an engineering application that contributes to the work of a design office such as StoGda. It is properly constructed and has no unnecessary functions, which from the user’s point of view, are costly and hardly used.”

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