Creating different views of 2D drawing in ZW3D

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Creating different views of 2D drawing in ZW3D

ZW3D has the ability to create many kinds of views: Isometric views, standard views, projection views, auxiliary views, section views, detail views and break line views. 


2D drawings are a critical tool for machining and checking parts. It's very important for today’s manufacturing to have quality part information to go by.  Design intent and tolerances are conveyed to all those involved.

* Automatically generate 2D drawing from solid and surface models.

* Automatically update the views and dimensions if the part has been changed.

* Automatically create standard and custom drawing views as required.


ZW3D can be configured to give you an automatic 4 view layout when you start a drawing sheet.  There are many drawing standards and according to those standards the views are created with either 1st or 3rd angle projection.

Below are some examples of additional views.



Full section view:Can be created on both simple and complex shapes.

Example 1:   Full section view with a single section planes.



Example 2: Full section view with multiple section planes.



Example 3: Named Section Curves in 3D modeling.


In a 2D sheet, define the type of section view as “3D named” or “Bent.”

The “3D named” is used when sketch lines between 0 and 90 degrees are used. See the following image.

‘Bent” is used when sketch lines are beyond 90 degrees.



Example 4: Two intersecting section planes to define the whole section

Note: The intersection point of two section planes must coincide with the axis of rotational of the part.



Detail view: It is used to enhance small details of the part. Use this command to create circular and rectangular detail views from other layout views.



Broken Line view: Used to create a gap or break in a view using a pair of broken lines. This makes it possible to display a large part within a drawing view that normally would not fit on the drawing sheet.



You will appreciate the ease with which you can create the many types of views in ZW3D.