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ZW3D's Undercut Feature Expands Your Machining Capabilities


Sometimes, parts have areas that the usual 3-axis milling programming strategies cannot handle, such as the undercut shown in figure 1.


one type of undercut position

Figure1. One type of undercut position


If you were to use EDM for the undercut, it would increase your costs and machining time. If instead you were to use 5-axis milling, then this too would increase the cost – never mind that not all machining companies are equipped with 5-axis machine tools.


Figure 2 shows another undercut example, and it too would be difficult to do with a general 5-axis machining method.


another type of undercut position

Figure2. Another type of undercut position



The solution is found in the undercut feature provided with ZW3D. With this function, ZW3D is able to machine these position just using 3-axis machine tools. You find the function at the Z level operation and Lace operation. See figure 3.



 undercut feature in ZW3D CAm

Figure3. Under Cut feature in ZW3D CAM



You can choose a formed milling cutter, and then choose the undercut option. ZW3D automatically detects the undercut position, and so generates the appropriate toolpath. The result is shown in figures 4 and 5.


one example of an undercut toolpath

Figure4. One example of an undercut toolpath




another example of solving the undercut toolpath problem

Figure 5. Another example of solving the undercut toolpath problem


Through this handy function, ZW3D expands your machining capabilities to easily handle undercuts. In doing so, it enhances your machining efficiency and saves you machining costs.


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