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ZWCAD2009 Aerial View Window - New Features!

Functions & Commands 2009-12-27 19:21:00 470


Current users already know that ZWCAD provides them with a reliable CAD software at an affordable price. It is an effective solution that offers amazing performance, helps make them work efficiently, and is easy to use.


This newest release of ZWCAD contains powerful utilities and improvements in efficiency. For engineers, the most attractive aspect is that this rapid, powerful, and stable software program is convenient to work with. And ZWCAD 2009 is your best choice with which to work.
ZWCAD 2009 inherits all the advantages and the great compatibility of the previous version. Moreover, numerous functions underwent comprehensive improvements. Many core utilities were reconstructed, such as Regen, Trim, and Offset. These operations take much less time to complete than ever before.


ZWCAD's stability enables you to focus your energy and time on your design work; you don't need to worry whether problems will occur. For instance, bugs that existed in the 2008i version of the Hatch and Text commands have now been rectified.


ZWCAD 2009 is equipped with new features. Compared with ZWCAD 2008i, this new release provides you with greater convenience and improved utilities, such as these:
•  Aerial View Window is an especially helpful tool for quick navigation, with which you change views easily and conveniently.
•  The Plotter Wizard helps you configure plotters, and then add plotter configuration files to the software.
•  The Autosave function ensures the drawings are saved even when the operating system crashes.
•  eTransmit prepares your drawings for transmittal by collecting together all relevant files.


ZWCAD 2009 is an easy-to-use software program because of its command similarity with AutoCAD. If you are an AutoCAD user, you don't need to take any additional training to work with ZWCAD.


If you are a new user, you'll appreciate the many convenient tools ZWCAD 2009 provides for getting your work done. For instance, dynamic prompts show you tips to help you enter the correct instructions. The Tool palettes and the Design Center make you efficient at drawing and drafting with CAD. And the online Help elaborates in detail on all commands.


ZWCAD 2009 is probably the right CAD software for you; it is worth your time in evaluating it.

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