ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the complete product development process, features the fastest kernel for Solid-surface Hybrid Modeling, non-solid mold parting and smart CNC Machining tactics from 2 axis to 5 axis. It brings customers multiple benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency. And it covers the whole product development cycle from product planning to manufacturing.

ZW3D CAM is comprehensive, intuitive software for programming CNC machines, offering 2-5 axis milling, turning, high-speed machining and drill strategies. Powered by the unique QuickMillTM technology, with automatic feature/region identification and a flexible tool path editor, engineers can generate highly reliable and easy-to-program tool-paths efficiently; bringing you unmatched productivity and reliability.

Easy to Learn and Use

A clear workflow with an intuitive UI enables you to start working quickly. Whether you are an experienced engineer or a complete novice, ZW3D CAM can be mastered with a short learning curve, while ease of use is reflected in the daily work, to improve efficiency.

Smart Hole-machining

Many different drill operations, such as Drilling, Boring, Pecking, Reaming and Tapping, as well as smart 2-5 axis hole tactics, help programmers to deal with any hole-making work.

• Hole geometry includes arcs, circles and cylinders. Both 3D
 models and 2D wireframes can be identified.
The 2-5 axis hole tactic is able to automatically identify
 features of all holes on work pieces including size, depth and
 types, before generating reasonable tool-paths. This helps
 save programming time by up to 70% and significantly
   reduces errors.

Productive 2X Milling

ZW3D delivers the necessary tools for easy control over all aspect of 2D milling, including Spiral, Zigzag, Box, Contour, Profile, Chamfer, Helical as well as Top-face cutting.

• 2X Milling tool-paths can be generated on 2D geometry,
   surfaces or features easily and flexibly.
2X milling tactic can automatically identify the machining
   area and select proper tools and operations. Roughing
   and top face finishing can be done quickly in one step.

Efficient and Intelligent 3X Milling

A variety of 3X milling operations deliver efficient roughing, smoothing finishing and productive high speed machining to deal with all kinds of work easily.

• Multiple surfaces, solid models and STL geometry can all be   directly machined.
• The unique QuickMillTM technology generates a smooth     roughing tool path with uniform cutting loads and adjusts
   the feed rates automatically to lengthen tool life by 50%.
Region detection is improved, it is more stable and accurate
   to get desired tool path in Roughing.
• The accuracy and sequence of cutting points have been
   improved, now the tiny cuts are removed and the whole
   tool path is smoother.
Min Rest Height has a new definition to detect rest materials
   by surface normal. In this way, it is easier to controls rest
• The cuts always keep the stable step to do 3D offset and
   Angle Limiting
, which is more smooth and stable. The cuts
   in corners are more accurate, especially in sharp corners and
   with small step size.
• The tool path is re-constructed. Now there are several basic
   elements including Cut, Lead out, Rapid up, Link, Rapid
   down, Plunge, Lead in
, showed as follow.

Higher-value 5X Milling

The 5X milling module provides a complete solution for multi-axis machining. Multiple sides of a work piece can be machined in one set-up to achieve highly accurate cutting with reduced machining time.

• Easily convert 3 axis tool paths into 5 axis tool paths.
• Automatically interpolate the cutter vectors with
   Flow-cut strategy.
• Intelligently generate the link movement between two 5
   axis operations.
• 5X Side cut supports calculation on STL file.
• Support Undercut Based on STL in Zlevel and Lace.
• New Zigzag Direction in Side Cut.


Turning provides outside and inside Roughing, Finishing, Grooving, Threading, Facing and Drilling to deal with most types of turned parts.

• Wireframes, surfaces and solid features can all be recognized.
• Easy-to-use and powerful capability for turning programming.
• Support Tool Compensation of Finish Turn
• Support Cycle Output of Rough Turn and Finish Turn
• Support RAPID Feed output in Turning

Flexible Tool-path Editor

Tool-path editor tools enable users to easily and intuitively edit the entire or partial tool-path, greatly saving programming time without tedious adjustments of parameter settings and continuous re-calculation of tool paths.

• Easily trim the partial tool-paths with window pick, chain
   select and polygon select.
• Freely change the sequence and direction of the
   tool-paths with the reorder functions.
• Quickly change lead in and lead out types of partial
   tool-paths in terms of manufacturing requests with
   the re-link tools.

Reliable Machining

Knowing the actual machining results is very important for programmers. ZW3D provides lots of options to ensure feasible and reliable machining, which gives you more confidence when machining.

• The solid verify tool simulates the actual machining process
   and analyses the excess materials, leading to more reliable
   and more efficient machining.
• The analysis function helps programmers to detect collisions
   and gouges
between tools and stock, table, clamps etc.
• The accurate calculation of the minimum tool hang length
   ensures the safety of your machining.

Post processer

ZW3D Post provides advanced post-processing capabilities for converting cutter location data (APT-CL) into machine specific code (GM code) required by CNC machines. ZW3D Post is integrated into all ZW3D machining bundles.

• Supports all classes of 3-5 axis milling machines
• CL file conversion
• State-of-the-art technology using Windows GUI
• Easy-to-use macro language
• New Template and More information.

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