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How to Get a ZW3D Student License?

  • 1. Submit your application with your .edu email address
  • 2. Receive license via the registered email
  • 3. Download ZW3D software
  • 4. Activate your ZW3D software with the student license


  • Q: What's the difference between ZW3D Student Version and its commercial version?

    A: ZW3D student version provides the same capability as ZW3D premium except for following


  • 1) Title shows ZW3D (version) Academic after activation.
  • 2) It prompts that "ZW3D academic version is allowed for educational purpose only, it is forbidden for commercial purpose".
  • 3) "ZW3D academic version is allowed for educational purpose only" is shown in the about dialog.
  • 4) "Designed by ZW3D Academic Version" is shown around the border of the paper.
  • Q: How long will students and faculty staff be able to use the software after downloading it?

    A: The license is valid for 12 months once applied. Each student or faculty/staff can apply only one license for each version of ZW3D Student.

  • Q: How can I get support for my Student Version?

    A: No direct support provided by ZWSOFT. Student version users can get their support via our Forum, where many others might have the same questions, and could be able to help you out.

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