Re-live ZW3D 2020 YouTube Live

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Re-live ZW3D 2020 YouTube Live

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Re-live ZW3D 2020 YouTube Live

Corporate 2020-01-22 18:51:00
ZW3D 2020 YouTube Live has just concluded. During the live, Juno Chan, Chris Chan, and Zack Wang, our CAD/CAM experts, shared the improvements and new functions in ZW3D 2020, and a number of lucky guys won the big prizes we’ve prepared. We experienced a great time with all of you, our ZW3D lovers. Thank you for joining us! If you missed our live programs, don’t worry! I listed all the live programs for you to catch up on the ZW3D 2020 highlights. If you participated, why not watch the playback to deepen your understanding? Let’s have a review: ZW3D YouTube Live – CAD [embed][/embed] Juno Juno Chan, ZW3D CAD expert, shared ZW3D CAD. He first demonstrated the whole design workflow by designing a cropper. Then, he brought forth amazing tools for modeling and assembly design, and enhancements in 2D drawing & translator to audiences. “I am so proud of being the first ZWSOFT engineer to meet our users on YouTube. To present the best ZW3D to you, I spent a lot of time on preparation, and thankfully, the live went through smoothly. I hope you like those functions I shared! Actually, there are more good features in the CAD module waiting for your exploration. Why not have a try? Hope to see you all next time!” ZW3D YouTube Live – Mold [embed][/embed] chris Chris Chan, ZW3D Mold expert, presented the whole mold design workflow in ZW3D 2020, including product verification, region analysis, parting surfaces, detailed design, etc. You can easily find what makes ZW3D Mold practical and professional.  “Hey friends, ZW3D is a good CAD/CAM solution, and I hope you get a further understanding of it after watching my presentation. There are more practical functions worth trying. Our R&D team is working hard to develop the software and you will witness more powerful functions in ZW3D in the future. Stay tuned!” ZW3D YouTube Live – CAM Zack Zack Wang, ZW3D CAM expert demonstrated ZW3D 2020 CAM must-know highlights, such as simplified ZW3D CAM workflow, abundant strategies for fast machining and new tools for reliable simulation. ”Hey guys, thank you for joining us. ZW3D CAM is so powerful that I can’t list all the benefits in this live program. With the upgraded calculation speed, you can get ideal toolpaths with ZW3D in a very short time. I was so excited to meet you all, and I hope to see you all again in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe and give your likes, see you next time!” Think and act behind the scenes As a content creator of ZW3D, I've been thinking about what content or forms can help our users get a better command of CAD/CAM software. And we also need to get closer to them to know their true feelings and needs. When ZW3D 2020 came out, a fresh idea flashed upon my mind. Why not do live programs on YouTube? It perfectly matches the intention. Then the project was settled down. Figure 2. I was rehearsing ZW3D 2020 live programs with Zack Wang

Figure 1. I was rehearsing ZW3D 2020 live programs with Zack Wang

Conducting live programs wasn't an easy job. Every detail matters – the internet, the contents, the way of presentation, the music, and so on. But for users, every drop of sweat is worth. I am so happy to see that many users came to our programs and talked to us. No matter questions or suggestions, voices from users are the valuable heritages of this event, helping us to develop better ZW3D in the future. Figure 3. Part of user comments in ZW3D 2020 YouTube live

Figure 2. Part of user comments in ZW3D 2020 YouTube live

I am eager for your comments and suggestions. Welcome to share your ideas in our Facebook user group. You are one of those who make ZW3D better.

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