ZWorld Europe 2022: Returns as a Huge Success

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ZWorld Europe 2022: Returns as a Huge Success

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ZWorld Europe 2022: Returns as a Huge Success

Events 2022-09-26 18:38:00

From September 14 to 15, ZWorld Europe 2022 was successfully held in Rome, Italy, drawing more than 60 partners from over 20 countries in Europe.

After two years of the pandemic, ZWorld, an annual event organized by ZWSOFT to connect with its resellers, key clients, and third-party application partners, finally returns to Europe this year.

With the theme “Power the Engineering World with All-in-One CAx”, the ZWSOFT team presented its achievement and strategies for business and product development, sparking in-depth discussions with the attendees.

“Our team has prepared many valuable sessions on multiple topics to share and discuss with you in the next few days. And we’ll do our best to help you achieve further success and business growth in the years to come,” said Kingdom Lin, VP of ZWSOFT.

ZWSOFT team and European partners

Figure 1. ZWSOFT team and European partners

ZWSOFT Business Roadmap: Past and Future

Owen Ou, Global Sales Director, started by talking attendees through ZWSOFT’s achievements in the past three years, including the IPO of ZWSOFT, and customer stories of industry leaders.

“By working with top-level CAD customers, we can highly improve our software’s stability and prove its capability in complex design scenarios.”

Then, he shared the business roadmap for future growth, covering the ZWSOFT ecosystem and global business strategies.

“We always consider channel partners as our key to success. The job of our local teams is to improve our capability in global sales and provide technical and marketing support to our local partners.”

Meeting on day one

Figure 2. Meeting on day one

All-in-One CAx Solutions: What’s New

Following Owen’s speech, experts from the product team shared the latest advancements on ZWCAD, ZW3D and ZWSim.

Claire He, Product Consultant of ZWCAD, presented vividly how ZWCAD evolves in the direction of being more efficient, user-friendly, and connected.

“To stand out from mature 2D CAD software and newcomers, we will continue to enhance the underlying algorithm to improve the efficiency of ZWCAD and provide a more compatible CAD solution with user-friendly and practical functions for our customers.”

Leo Zhang, Technical Supervisor of ZW3D, elaborated on the achievements of ZW3D, with detailed customer cases from various industries, such as general mechanical design, consumer products, mold, and CNC machining.

“By cooperating deeply with our key customers in different industries, we gained deeper market insights, had a clearer idea of their design workflows and needs, and accelerated our product validation process.”

Dr. Wenjun Tan, Director of ZWSim R&D Center, gave a detailed introduction to the CAE product line, including industry case studies, core technologies, and plans.

“ZWSim is a powerful tool for our engineers, which is designed for dealing with modeling and simulation situations in a virtual world. Engineers can analyze results from ZWSim to improve products’ mechanical performance.”

Leo Zhang introduced ZW3D’s advancements.

Figure 3. Leo Zhang introduced ZW3D’s advancements.

All-in-One CAx Solutions: What’s Coming

The conference climaxed when experts from the R&D team joined the conference virtually to unveil the latest progress of the ongoing lab projects, including the Wukong Project.

“The Wukong platform aims to support large-scale industries. We implemented powerful parametric tools at different levels within this platform. We hope to build an eco-system based upon the Wukong platform with our partners, ” said Xi Chen from the Wukong R&D center.

In addition to the sharing of ZWSOFT’s latest CAx solutions, our eco-partners, such as Gain, PointCab, CHC Navigation Europe Kft, and APLITOP, also participated to showcase their excellent solutions to the attendees.

Eco partner PointCab showcased its industry solution.

Figure 4. Eco partner PointCab showcased its industry solution.

In-depth Discussions on Products and Business

On day two of ZWorld Europe 2022, the ZWSOFT team had deeper discussions with European partners on product wishlists, product roadmap, business opportunities, and more. Experts from the product team and the R&D team also joined the conversation virtually from China.

Owen Ou summed up, “It was a great chance for both the ZWSOFT team and our European partners to share ideas about products and industries, explore growth opportunities in the local market, and get inspired.”

He also added, “Through two days of in-depth conversations, we’re confident that, with our partners’ dedicated contributions, ZWSOFT will continue to provide more powerful all-in-one CAx solutions and better service for our customers.”

Free talk on day two

Figure 5. Free talk on day two

Click here to review ZWorld Europe 2022 and its special moments. The next stop of ZWorld 2022 is Japan. Stay tuned to explore more!

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