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GAIN Collaboration

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Hand in Hand with ZWCAD / ZW3D - The PDM System GAIN Collaboration ...

1. enables perfect control and management of 2D and 3D product data

2. gives you time-saving automatisms and functions

3. shortens your design times

4. creates order and security

5. increases your productivity

6. ensures high qualities throughout the entire organisation

7. saves valuable time and resources

8. increases your joy in work: you get ahead faster


Product Variants:

1. GAIN Collaboration View: Search, view and print documents

2. GAIN Collaboration Office: Managing Non-CAD documents

3. GAIN Collaboration Professional: Managing product data



- Interfaces to all well-known products from CAD & CAM


- Office Group

- ERP interface

- API interface


Additional Modules:

1. Cross-location PDM: Comfortable product data management between any number of locations.

2. Comfortable printing: Printing of managed documents, such as CAD, PDF, image and Office documents.

3. Classify product data: Structuring of documents or articles in product classes.

4. Exchange with external systems: Exchange of documents and meta data with external systems, e.g. ERP.

5. Convenient import & export: For up to 500 design documents or entire data sets.


Images and captions


Integrate the product data management system

Search and find CAD data in seconds. Reduce design times. Create order and security.


Search, view and print documents

The research station that does not require an application interface. The PDM software GAIN Collaboration View lets you search, view and print documents within GAIN Collaboration.



The office version of the PDM system is a document management system (DMS). And it is also an extremely flexible one. You can easily manage MS Office documents, e-mails, images, neutral formats, videos, print files and projects. Like all variants, GAIN Collaboration Office is easy to install, configure and administer.



GAIN Collaboration Professional is the most powerful product of the GAIN Collaboration family. The flexible and secure document management for CAD, CAM and Office can be easily customized to your needs. An easy and flexible implementation is the basis for an optimal workflow in your company.



Status configuration: configure status sequences simply and flexibly. Couple status information with user rights. Assign different workflows or status sequences to different documents.



User and group administration for assigning your employees to groups and determining which persons or groups are subject to which rules.



Property comparison in graphical form. Define the exchange of metadata (properties) between GAIN Collaboration and specific documents: Bidirectional, from document to GAIN Collaboration or vice versa.


Graphic mask editor for the flexible presentation of document information or search masks according to your requirements.



User interface: All settings can be configured graphically. Individual and convenient setup of input masks, toolboxes and menus at system runtime. Design search masks and folder structures yourself. User interface individually and quickly adaptable.



GAIN Collaboration already provides you with a large number of free database fields in its standard version. However, sometimes these are not sufficient.

Using the graphical database editor you can easily add new fields or tables. And all this without any SQL knowledge.