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Applications 2021-03-22 15:19:00 73

Available as an application in ZWCAD that enables you to carry out your reinforcement planning in 2D or 3D or even 2D and 3D in a drawing.

Easy to edit our reinforcement objects as "CUSTOM" objects with the normal CAD basic commands. There are a lot of other input and editing options that make Artifex so unique for the creation of reinforcement plans.

A model is created in a database when entering bar reinforcement or mesh reinforcement. Any number of representations of this model can be inserted into the reinforcement plan and are automatically linked to the technical data of the model. Input via parametric objects enables the input of reinforcement in any CAD drawing. Special 2- or 3-dimensional objects as "shell edges" are not required, but can be used when using the artifex building design or special functions of the reinforcement program.



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