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How to create a gear as part library with ZW3D

During the design process, we can put common standard parts into the custom parts library. By doing this, we can reduce the time of modelling, increase the reusability of standard parts, and improve work efficiency.

Designing idea:In 3D parts models, we have a group of design parameters that control the shape and the topological relation model, as well as the design parameters of the part family size series. Also, we can choose different sizes to automatically generate a parts series of 3D models realized in the library.

 1. Create the sample part

As shown below, we will make a standard involutes gear for the example

1.1 The basic parameters of a gear:

Number of teeth=z      Module=m    Pressure angle=a   

Tip coefficient=Ha   Bottom clearance coefficient =Ca   

Gear height=H   

1.2 Because the number values for Teeth, Module, Pressure angle, and Tip coefficient have a standard value in each nation, we only need to control the Z and H in order to change the size and form of the gear.   

1.3 Creating the gear model (Specific process is no longer in detail)   


 1.4 Add the basic parameters for the part attributes   

 “Attributes”->“Part Attributes”   


 Note: Tool_Num =Z = number of teeth; Height =H= Gear height   

2. Create the Family Table

 2.1 “Utilities” -> “Part Table”               


 2.2 Choose No from the pop up dialog box to create a new table   


  2.3 You will see the table editor appear:   


2.4 Right-Click on the first table entry and choose Edit    


2.5 Type in the value G_001 for the number and click Apply   

- Choose OK .This will close the editor pop up and return you to the table editor.   


 2.6 Select Paste    


2.7 Fill in the dialog box as shown below.    


2.8 After pick OK, we can see it have increase 50 items of the table.   


2.9 Choose the Save button from the lower right corner of the Table Editor to save the table.   

3. Use the part library

 3.1 Through the project files manager window, using directly.   

Click Use the part library button   


3.2 Export the part library in the operation window   

 “Utilities”->“Part library”   


 3.3 In the interface of the Part Library, we can see the pull-down menu in the Items of “Tool_Num” and “Height ” have had the values to increased to the values below   

-We can use 50 different sizes for gear parts in the part library    


Now, we have finish creating the gear part library.