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More efficient design in ZW3D – Direct Modeling

ZW3D2011 has made great progress in developing the Direct Modeling Technology that we call  Direct Edit.


Direct Edit combines the speed and flexibility of Direct Modeling with the precise control of dimension-driven designs, while simultaneously supporting the functionality of history-based modeling, making ZW3D one of the most advanced CAD systems available.


ZW3D Direct Modeling features


1. Base on history/free history’s editing ability


Whether or not a characteristic feature is from another CAD system or a ZW3D direct parametric model, no matter if you modify or create new geometry, you need not focus on the model building process. We can do this in a free 3D design environment and work faster than any time before to create and edit models.





2. Dynamic intuitive grasp of ‘what you see, is what you get’ the size constraints and control:


ZW3D’s direct modeling offers multi-modes of operation; you can input values in the dialog menu or drag the arrow to capture the position you need.



3. Automaticly find applicable rules and maintain constraint relationships


As shown in the figures below, you can choose to offset, rotate, or move a feature, and ZW3D will automatically identify  and maintain tangency regardless of whether you have history of not.





Each modeling method has its respective advantages and disadvantages.  ZW3D, in keeping its existing parameterized modeling technology and at the same time allowing you to use the Direct Modeling method, gives you the flexibility to keep an accurate logical history and a more intuitive geometric model.