ZW3D CAD/CAM Tutorials: Wide Applicability of Flex Tools in ZW3D 2014

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ZW3D CAD/CAM Tutorials: Wide Applicability of Flex Tools in ZW3D 2014

ZW3D, a powerful and integrated CAD/CAM platform from ZWSOFT, possesses great functionality in 3D modeling. The newly released edition, ZW3D 2014, is accompanied by lots of practical and handy improvements, and new features, like built-in translator, multiple insert component features,new Flex Tools and enhanced 2D drafting. In this article, the application of Flex Tools in industries like hardware, sheet metal, artwork and toys, will be introduced. Let's see how this function can be applied to your daily design.



Section 1

Introduce the 'Cylindrical Bend' feature by modeling the doorknob in the hardware industry.


Step1: Create a cylinder



Figure 1: Creat a cylinder


Step 2: Bend the cylinder using the new “Cylindrical Bend” feature, then you can make modifications on details by changing its parameters, including radius, angle, and rotate angle, significantly simplifying the bending process.



  Figure 2: Using the “Cylindrical Bend” feature to bend the cylinder


Figure 2: Bend the cylinder using 'Cylindical Bend' feature



Section 2

Introduce the 'Toroidal Bend' by modeling tire


Step 1: Firstly, build a block; then, draw a sketch on one face of the block. Extrude it with 'ADD' boolean operation, then copy this part to finish the extended surface.





Figure 3: The process of drawing the basal body of tire


Figure 3: the processes of modeling the basal body

Step 2: Bend this part using the ' Toroidal  Bend ' feature. You can change its result by modify its parameters, including tube radius, outer radius, and rotate angle, greatly simplifying the bending process.



Figure 4: Using the 'Toroidal  Bend ' feature to bend the basal body



Section 3

 Introduce 'Twist' feature by modeling helical gear.


Step 1: Draw a straight gear.



Figure 5: Drawing a straight gear


Figure 5: The straight gear

Step 2: Change it into a helical gear, adjust its twist angle in the twist manager.



Figure 6: Twist the straight gear using 'Twist' feature


As shown above, in just a few steps, we can model a helical gear easily.

Figure 6: Using the “Twist  feature to twist the  straight gear



Section 4

Introduce 'Taper' feature by modeling slope reamer


Step 1: Model the outline of the slope reamer by using the 'Extrude' feature.



Figure 7: The outline of the slope reamer


Step 2: Draw its slope using 'Taper' feature.

Figure 7: draw the outline of the slope reamer




Figure 8: Setting the taper using 'Taper' feature


Step 3: Draw its hand shank, then we can finish the slope reamer with only 3 steps.



Figure 9: The final shape of the slope reamer



Section 5

Now let's learn about the 'Stretch' feature.

Figure 9: The final shape


The shape can stretch in X, Y or Z directions as is shown in the picture. If we select the shape and datum, and set the required parameters, it is very easy for us to stretch.



Figure 10: Stretch the star using 'Stretch' feature


Figure 10: stretch the star using the "Stretch" feature 

It’s easy to these how useful the intelligent Flex Tools in ZW3D 2014 can be in industrial design from the above cases. To learn more about Flex Tools, please click here to watch a short video on Youtube.


ZW3D 2014 can meet the designer's industrial design requirements, speed up the product design process and quickly realize designers’ ideas easily and effectively. Click here to get a free trial.


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